Pantone Theory

Pantone is the world’s most recognized color matching system. used by many different industry professionals, it is literally responsible for the complimentary hues of color we see in fashion, interior, automobile and even tech device design. But the founding of the Pantone company came about due to one person’s ability to transform an unfavorable situation into a thriving business; by putting their God given talent and passion to work. creating artwork that will be admired over time takes the same amount of hard work, if not more.

Creating through times of instability, emotional ups and downs, or worldly chaos is no easy feat. Artists are to be responsible for heightening our emotional intelligence, to make us feel something or feel everything – not just creating a pretty picture with matching colors. That very point is the concept of the Pantone Theory…use everything within you, your God given talents and passions, to create beauty from unfavorable situations that will positively impact others for decades to come.

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Madison Gravelle

I feel my art, in truth, is always inspired by the present moment. As I observe the world as a detached, yet joyful, participant, I allow myself to transmute that via my art. My medium is acrylic paints with oil pastel on top, and it is usually also meshed with layers of spray paint, along with many coats of varnish. Although whatever objects, words, and colors appear are usually chosen right then and there, my work usually includes colored backgrounds that appear like Tetris, or a piece of Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass. I enjoy order, but I truly thrive on fun. Using the oil pastels, almost like a child uses crayons (I was always a “draw”-er), it allows me to get up close and personal, intimate, and down-right silly.

Artists that have influenced me are Jean Michel Basquiat, Al Diaz, Mark Rothko, Wassily Kandinsky, and Kazimir Malevich. I am also heavily inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Ray Eames, and modern architecture as a whole. From Basquiat, Diaz, and the Eames, I took an appreciation for how fun, candid, and alive art can be. From Rothko, Kandinsky and Malevich, I simply feel inspired by how they combine shape and color. As far as Frank Lloyd Wright, I feel as if his designs are the closet physical embodiment to peace on Earth, and it inspires me to make the world as beautiful as I can.

With that being said, I am always learning and having a fun time. Thank you for playing on this journey with me.


Brittani Dew

I was born and raised in Baton Rouge with a love for music and anything with a creative touch. The past year has been full of change and pain for most, myself included, which is why I have turned to art as an outlet for those inevitable, hard to process, feelings.

Art to me is all about what it makes you feel. Joy, sorrow, peace, chaos, emptiness, or fulfillment. These feelings themselves have inspired me to create the pieces here today, which ultimately are pieces of me.

When I paint, I also take inspiration from music to help me discover colors and textures that will cohabitate harmoniously. My paintings are all named after songs that embody the feelings I was experiencing as well as the overall vibe of the piece.

My hope is that everyone views my art from their individual perspectives and enjoys what it makes them feel.


Cheri Fasy

Cheri was born in Washington to two highly creative parents. Her dad a poet and mom a renowned miniature quilt artist, she started creating art at a young age. She continued to explore art in college, taking a color theory class for fun, which led her to a degree in Art, specializing in Graphic Design. She also obtained a degree in French with the opportunity to study abroad in Quebec City, Quebec and St. Etienne, France.

Following four generations of needle workers, an inherent desire to hand-stitch led Cheri to explore mixed media embroidery. Cheri’s art brings to life color, light and transparency through hand-stitched mazes of thread. She uses recycled silkscreens as a base for embroidery, which allow her to play imaginatively upon the ghosted images and residue left behind.

With each piece, Cheri sets out to let her subconscious guide her stitches, allowing art to be used as an outlet for her mind.

Cheri now resides in Baton Rouge with her daughter, Jolie and wife, Anastasia. When not creating art, she works as a freelance graphic designer.


Jennifer Ward

Everyone has a story to tell. My aim is to help people tell their story through illustration and design.

Hi, I’m Jennifer – a lifelong artist and freelance illustrator.

I am a small-town southern girl with a Type A right brain. I’m a proud believer in Christ, happy wife, mom of two, obsessive artist, caffeine-fueled naptime warrior.

My passion is to help my collectors curate a space that nurtures a sense of well-being and relaxation with art that also reflects their authentic voice.

My Athena collection is comprised of paintings that blur the line between paintings and three-dimensional sculptural art. Compositions of thickly impastoed modeling paste painted a flat white color allow light and shadow to define the intensely expressive strokes. Ranging in sizes between four inches to six feet, with titles such as Quadraginto and Septendecim, the collection pulls from themes of archaic culture, natural influence, and balance.

My approach to making a painting is more intuitive and conversational than methodical. My process can be descried as meditative and introspective. The result is a balance of deliberate marks and the spontaneous nature of the media. The combination provides a visual language unique to each viewer.


Sallie Bynum Anzelmo

Sallie Bynum Anzelmo has a passion for painting and designing inspired by the colors, textures, and natural elements surround her life in the South.

Sallie’s work is influenced from days growing up on her family’s farm, summers spent on the water, and by her love of traveling and exploring. Her use of bold colors, various textures + mediums, and distinct markings innately flows throughout all of her works which spark emotion for love of life and nature.

Sallie currently lives in Monroe, Louisiana, with her husband, two children, and two dogs. Over the years, she’s focused on her growing business, Three Threads; her aptly named
studio + shop that reflects Sallie’s artistic lifestyle, creativity, and upbeat persona. Her one-of-a-kind décor items, signature glassware, gold oyster shells, and mixed media paintings can be found in various locations throughout the nation and her Three Threads studio in downtown West Monroe.


Jennifer Poe

Jennifer Poe was born and raised in New Orleans, La. She received a B.A. from LSU with a concentration in Art. She studied abstract painting under Allison Stewart, as well as, courses from NOMA and private art instructors.

Jennifer’s original and commissioned works on canvas have filled the homes and commercial spaces of many private collectors in the United States.

Creating has always been a part of my life since a young age. Color, feelings and music merge in my studio as my paintings come alive. The colors I choose inject happiness into the lives of my collectors. My favorite thing about being an artist is there are no rules in creativity.

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