Cierra English

My name is Cierra English!  I have been immersed in the arts for as long as I remember.  Without them, I would not be the person and artist that I am today.  It is this love, for the arts, that pushed me to pursue a career in both photography and art.  There are thousands of different languages across the globe; that create a language barrier, but art can be understood universally.  I find so much joy in capturing the precious moments in life that might otherwise be forgotten.  That is why I am and forever will be a photographer…a painter…an artist.

Cierra English Decor Collection

An inspiring collection created by Cierra English to elevate the energy vibrations in your home and workspace.  What makes these products so special is that each collectible piece is 1 of 1, hand painted, and will not be reproduced.  Your home is your ‘Happy Place’ and ‘Everything’ within its walls should be a reflection of your highest self.  Each piece in this collection is selected by Cierra English and Exhibition Curators – Ellemnop.Art.  “All of these pieces have been chosen with a specific function in mind but they are to be used, in your home or workspace, as you see fit.”

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