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Habitus consists of socially ingrained habits, skills, and dispositions. Coined by sociologist, Pierre Bourdieu, It is the way that individuals perceive the world around them and react to it.  Bourdieu’s work emphasized how social classes, especially the ruling and intellectual classes, preserve their social privileges across generations despite the myth that contemporary society boasts the equality of opportunity and high social mobility.

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Worth More Than Diamonds

the crown of earth’s creation.  the creator of our infinite abilities.  the wisdom to educate fools.  the appetite to eat and digest life’s pride.  the most faithful to all things.  the strongest sense of identity.  the most efficient use of both sides of the brain.  the most encouraging.  the highest level of value.  the most trusted.  the one who does the most good.  the willingness to walk to the ends of the earth.  the motivation to us move forward.  the ability to never to tell a lie.  the bravery to protect every living species.  the ability to make everything out of nothing.  the delight of everyone’s eye.  the dedication to overcome any obstacle.  the highest level of spiritual discernment.  “she is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.”  the woman.

Remembrance Of Things Past

Remain disciplined and conduct yourself ethically as an artist.  Practice courtesy and righteousness to serve your society and respect your elders.  Love your fellow creators to become more united and avoid conflicts.  Limit your desires and pursuit of bodily pleasures to preserve the proper spirit.  Train diligently and maintain your skills.  Learn to develop spiritual tranquility to abstain from arguments and fights.  Participate in society while being moderate and gentle in your manners.  Help the weak and the very young, then use your artistic skills for the good of humanity.  Pass on the tradition, preserve the art and these rules of conduct.  And remember, we don’t teach you anything, we help you know yourself.

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