Mid City Beer Garden Pop-Up Market

ELLEmnop is proud to announce a creative-filled community arts market, in collaboration with Mid City Beer Garden.  The Beer Garden Pop -Up is another opportunity for artists and makers to showcase creative goods.

  1. A limit of ‘like businesses/vendors’ are allowed to participate on a scheduled event date.
  2. Each vendor will be required to highlight/promote the event across their social media channels, as well as email database(s) if applicable.
  3. A confirmation email of attendance will be sent to all participating vendors on the day of sign up. In the event, a vendor does not receive a participation slot, they will also be notified.
  4. Until further notice, only 16 vendors will be allowed to participate, on each scheduled event.
  5. If a vendor is unable to participate, after committing to the date, they must first receive expressed consent to offer their vendor space to another registered vendor. If their request to transfer their space is approved, they will not be refunded.  If their vendor space transfer is not approved, the vendor will be given a refund.
  6. Vendors are assigned their vendor space upon arrival.
  7. Currently it is set for, one (1) event per quarter.
  8. This is not a ‘Rain Or Shine’ Event. If Mid City Beer Garden & ELLEmnop agree on inclement weather conditions, the event will be moved to the following Sunday at the same time, 11am-3pm.

ELLEmnop.Art’s Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (225) 364-9246

Mid City Beer Garden’s Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (225) 910-8169

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