My name is Brendon Davis or “Ren” and I am a mixed media artist and creative born and based in Washington, DC. Art has been and continues to be incorporated throughout every aspect of my life from the simple walks in the park to the extensive knowledge learned with my biology degree. Since a kid, I have had the opportunity to receive this beautiful form of expression from great artists within my family and apply this tool on a platform to convey myself to whoever or whatever wishes to see it. My art explores themes of the unknown, unimaginable, and mundane as they all incapsulate the vivid wonder of the human experience. Each piece represents the wacky conceptions of my creative thought and I am, for the first time, promoting this work to a larger audience to share my personal experience with the universe.

Everything About Nothing Zine Volume 1

After a couple of long months of drawing, constructing and finalizing this zine, I’m glad to say that the first projects of many is finally complete.  It was made with lots of love and I hope everyone that purchases it can see my mind and creative expressionism through each page.

Peace and Love.

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