Vinyl & Vino

Art Exhibit Wine Tasting Social
Thurs., June 20th, 2024 from 6pm – 10pm (SOLD OUT)
In the summer of 2022, art curator Keidrick Alford challenged his friend, acclaimed Afro-futurist illustrator Nathaniel Landry, to think beyond his traditional materials when embarking on a new collection of abstract work.  Music is being remixed all the time, why not remix the album covers, too? Alford thought. Alternative ideas, unique event spaces, and fresh ways of interacting with creativity are some of the pillars of Ellemnop, the independent gallery curation group he founded with artist, Elle Mouton, in 2019.  “I wanted to respond to these great album covers, enhancing them with my own energy and personality, while still letting the original image peek through,” Landry says. “Because I needed to let each cover speak to me, it took thought. It took time and patience.” – Jeff Roedel
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