Habitus consists of socially ingrained habits, skills, and dispositions. Coined by sociologist, Pierre Bourdieu, it is the way that individuals perceive the world around them and react to it. Bourdieu’s work emphasized how social classes, especially the ruling and intellectual classes, preserve their social privileges across generations despite the myth that contemporary society boasts the equality of opportunity and high social mobility.

These habits are not merely coincidental; it is suggested that they are characteristics of survival. That they are actually programmed roadmaps individuals exercise without deliberately calculating them. These solutions are based on gut feelings and intuition, which are believed to be shaped by the environment(s) they experience or reside in. Dispositions create habits, and dispositions are usually shared by individuals with similar social backgrounds, as well as similar life experiences: economic status, religious beliefs, ethnicity, educational level, professional employment, and access to opportunity.

Thus, the habitus represents the way culture and personal history shape the body and the mind; as a result, it shapes the actions of an individual. The dynamic of power, in our society, rely on programmed ways of thought to retain control, they essentially create our habitus. But new attitudes and new moral behaviors can morph the current habitus and lead us into the production of the best possible social structure.


OL’GIRL IS A SELF-TAUGHT ART SCHOOL DROP-OUT, PUBLISHED PHOTOGRAPHER,  VIDEOGRAPHER, AND INTERNET ARTIST.  I’m an extreme introvert. People assume the opposite.  I’m not a bitch, I’m uncomfortable. I’m not ghosting, l’m emotionally stunted. I go manic in silence and try to eat all my veggies. I have disconnects that I try my best to placate with humor. I just want what you want.

Paul Bailey, Jr.

Paul Baily, Jr. is a graduate of Fine Arts at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  Paul, owns DESIGNED BY PAULY STEEZ™, an art & Design studio.  The artwork focuses on mixing elements of 2D animation and realism to create original artwork. We offer creative services such as Custom Art, Logo Design, Apparel Design, and Photography.


Street art lover, photographer, curator, and digital artist. That’s me. Elle.

Although there is at least a hint of creativity in everything I do on a daily basis, I have always viewed myself as more of an art lover, instead of an artist.

In 2018, I co-founded Ellemnop.Art, an artistic community whose mission is to foster the kindred spirit amongst art lovers and artists.

The meaningful relationships that I have built with emerging and distinguished artists has inspired me to recognize that I am both an art lover and an artist! These connections have reawakened my creative drive; encouraging me to embrace my creativity and share my artwork with the world.

My work embodies a feeling of freedom and fortitude, which is directly connected to my life experiences.

Mike Weary

My name is Mike Weary and I am a self-taught artist born, raised, and based in south Louisiana (although I do travel!). I specialize in live wedding paintings, original expressionist art, and commissioned art pieces. I am known as “the guy who paints upside down.”  I am a resident artist at the Cary Saurage Community Arts Center in downtown Baton Rouge, LA.  When I am not in the studio or at a wedding, you can most likely find me with my wife, Maia, and my son, Ezra.

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