When we rid ourselves of the mess, the clutter, and the noise, we find our IKIGAI. The term ikigai simply  means, ‘a life worth living, a life of purpose, your life’s purpose’.

Ikigai is persona. Ikigai establishes a unique mental world in which the individual can feel at ease. Ikigai reflects the inner self, and faithfully expresses itself.

Forced actions is not considered ikigai. It is the willing-spontaneous activity that creates your ikigai. Purpose creates willingness to act; to create a life you deserve and want.

How many purposes to our lives do we have? Most individuals believe we only have on purpose, but we can’t let anyone convince us that we only have one purpose. This simply is not true. Believing this can be incredibly overwhelming and hinder us from actually finding our purpose(s).

So, let us all be devoted to living our life’s purpose(s). A life worth living…a life of purpose(s).

Rachel Rice-Baham

It was in 2016 actually, following a pretty significant life event, that I decided to turn a more acute focus towards the creation of my painted compositions and the refinement of my artistic perspective. Today, I remain ambitiously concentrated on creating pieces in a variety of subjects and artistic stylings. My favorite, though, remains on the cultivation of the study & creation of “emotionally stimulating, non-conformance” abstracts.

My Objective – a more intimate self-awareness through the manifestation of a “forced subjection to my own subconscious.” In other words…I paint my feelings. It is through this methodical and arduous process of developing my technique, that I aspire to attain a more prolific acknowledgement and appreciation of my inner self and the world around me.

“Art is not always about what’s pretty or socially acceptable. Art is about who we are, where we have been, the experiences we have been through, and how our lives have forever been affected and changed because of it. For this reason, I believe art should always be an out of body experience. We must allow access to the deepest parts of our minds, our hearts, our souls; for it is there, the true intent of creativity is found. It is a release, an expression of stifled emotion, it is an acknowledgment of who we really are – outside of what we allow the world to see.”                                                                                



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