Live Your Life On Purpose

Geralyn Billot

This exhibiting artist’s life mission is simple, “I want to live my life on purpose.” Living on purpose doesn’t mean perfection. It means using life’s experiences, the fragile pieces collected, and the elements of yourself you didn’t know existed to create the life you want.  The artist used this exact philosophy to create these abstract works of art. Every element used is imperfect, fragile, and constructed with tools most wouldn’t believe possessed any quality. All of these works were created to, live on purpose.


The Abstract Affirmations created for the Live Your Life On Purpose are a collaboration between local artist, Elle.Mouton and Dr. Jeremy L. Blunt.  These Affirmations are intended to provide a new roadmap to how you live your life.  These Abstract creations are a reminder that life ‘Ebbs and Flows’ and requires us to focus on every aspect of life…The highs and the lows.  With this focus, we can stay encouraged to create the life we deeply desire.

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